Business Directory Citations for Local SEO in Australia


Citations are a listing of your business’s Name, Address, Phone (NAP) in an online business directory.

For the purposes of local SEO, they are similar to backlinks that point to your website. Google uses citation analysis to determine the rankings for local search results, in the same way as Google uses backlink analysis when determining the rankings in organic search results.

When it comes to business citations for local SEO in Australia, it’s critical to remember that not all citations are created equal.  Google will consider many different variables in their citation analysis such as:

SEO Relevance & Authority Of The Directory Citation Source.

You want to choose a directory is relevant to your business niche or your city, as it helps Google to understand what category your business belongs to.

The next factor to choose a business directory is domain authority  (A score that predicts how well a website will rank on Google). For domain authority, the general rule is, the higher the better.

Ideally, you want high domain authority with a great niche fit for your business.

How many citations do you need?

If your business is featured on 5 business directories and your competitor is on 50 online directories, then your competitor will have more links pointing to their website and a lot more mentions of their brand on the internet.

It’s a good idea to at least match your competitors business citations and then add a few to get ahead. That will be around 20-30 directory listings in a lot of cases, depending on the competition.

NAP consistency in across your citations.

When we are talking about NAP, it’s important to have the correct name, address and phone number on all citation sites so that Google can understand that they all relate to your business.

Unique description of your business, products & services

Each listing on a business directory offers the opportunity to talk about your products, services and brand. If you copy the same description to all business directories, Google will see these as duplicate content.

Here is the thing with duplicate content, Google may not show these duplicates in the search results, however, tests have shown that the power of the links from the directories will still be passed to your website.

So what you are missing out on is not necessarily the linking power, but the opportunity to describe to Google what your business is about. Google is an algorithm that works by understanding entities (your business) through words. So it’s in your best interest to give Google a unique description (every 7th word needs to be unique) in order for their algorithm to get a better understanding of what it is your business offers.

Which Australian Online Directories to Focus On?

You want to focus on the directories in our list that have the following characteristics:

  • High domain authority
  • Do-Follow Link
  • Niche Or City Relevancy to your business

This way you make sure that your business is listed across the web in Australias most high profile business directories, sending power signals to Google to rank your website and sending you customers who use the directories to find your business as an added bonus.

No time or patience to deal with 40 business directories?

For those short on time, there are two solutions, we offer a business citations package that can get you listed in the directories at the cost of $299 AUD.

Or you could submit your business to one directory per week to make it more manageable, it may take a bit longer but it still gets the job done.

Business DirectoryFree/PaidBacklink TypeDomain Authority Follow83 Follow81 Follow78 Follow73
Brownbook.netFreeDo Follow75 Follow71 Follow70 Follow77 Follow39 Follow63
linkedin.comFreeDo Follow98
infobel.comFreeDo Follow74
australianplanet.comFreeNo Follow56 Follow40 Follow45
au.enrollbusiness.comFreeNo Follow60
aussie-hours.comFreeNo Follow16
fyple.bizFreeNo Follow49
misterwhat-au.comFreeNo Follow35
tuugo.bizFreeNo Follow50 Follow36
businesslistingnow.comFreeNo Follow33
zipleaf.auz.netFreeDo Follow62 Follow43 Follow52 Follow47
poidb.comFreeDo Follow31 Follow49 Follow37 follow43
aubiz.orgFreeDo Follow30
australianguide.netFreeDo Follow45 Follow30 Follow77
rateitall.comFreeDo Follow59
tupalo.comFreeNo follow70
whereis.comFreeNo follow76 Follow75
tupalo.coFreeNo follow64 Follow24
foursquare.comFreeNo follow91

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